Millionaire vs. Billionaire. Comparing Dan Blizerian to Elon Musk…

I can not believe how fast time has been going.

I’ve just merged onto a super highway after a lifetime coasting country roads. What I learned is personal development is not an end goal destination. Personal development is the foundation for everything else in your life. Once your personal development is handled it’s what you do after that matters. If you’ve optimized your energy, finances, or life situation to perfection then what?


If you had everything you wanted then what would be your end goal? Do you hedonisticly indulge your every impulse, or do you altruistically give your resources to help others in need? Is the end game consumption or contribution?

Meet Dan Blizerian and Elon Musk.

Dan Blizerian – Trust fund baby, inherited several million dollars.  Spends his days playing poker and hanging out with models:

Elon Musk – Self made billionaire.  Renowned for inhuman work hours:

Dan vs. Elon. Each has enough money to do whatever they want, one lives a leisurely life of consumption while the other endures a stressful sacrifice of his being to projects that will benefit the human race.

This demonstrate conflicting positions – with all the money in the world is it about what you can get? Or what you can do for others?

Comparing Dan and Elon demonstrates a deeper truth about the end game in life.  The contrast shows the journey to success will shape who you are.  You can get lucky or you can have it rough – that’s out of your control.  But what you can decide is how you handle things, whether you cut corners or do things the hard way – and hopefully you make the right decision because you know its not what you gain but who you become.

So what would happen if you did nothing? If you sat on your ass and did nothing – for a year. You didn’t answer a call, you never checked your email, just did nothing?

Dan could disappear and the world wouldn’t blink. Elon dies and the world would mourn as the course of humanity curves for the worst.

So, do you really want full financial independence and zero accountability to anyone (or anything)?  Is that really a position you want to be in? Where do the people that rely on you, look up to you, or love you fit into your world?  Do you view your duties as irksome obligations or a reason for waking up in the morning?




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3 thoughts on “Millionaire vs. Billionaire. Comparing Dan Blizerian to Elon Musk…

  1. Hey Clay,

    Great post! I also think the difference between the two guys has a lot to do with their upbringing, intelligence and the worldview (ref. Seth Godin) that they had since their childhood.

    On a side note, could you maybe go over how you view PPCall now? Is it something you still actively do or was it more of a stepping stone for you?

    Thanks in advance!

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