What I learned: The Death of a Parent. 23 days of isolation, sensory deprivation & LSD. A Film about Reconciling the Pursuit of Profits with Spirituality

Last year I performed a 23 day experiment touching on three extreme forms of consciousness exploration.  Sensory deprivation, isolated meditation, and psychedelic drug use.  I documented the entire experiment both through private journals and video.  After a final marathon sitting (18 hours) I have completed my assembly and compilation of personal footage and clips from some of the worlds leading thinkers in business and spirituality. The contents of this post have been over a year in the making.

The nature of this film has made me hesitant to release it publicly on the internet, but this is who I am and what I believe; and I am here to that share with you. I have created this film to document my journey, but also challenge some beliefs and raise consciousness around the role of business in a sustainable model of the future (and identifying who’s responsible)

Quotes from Above Video

“What are the things that need to happen in order for the future to be an exciting and inspiring one?” Elon Musk


“… you can stand back and look at this planet and see we have the money, the power, the medical understanding, the love, and the community to product a kind of human paradise” Terrence McKenna


“If you have enormous wealth, then enormous responsibility goes with that too” Richard Branson


“It’s one of the extraordinary things we can do […] to reach into our own highest and deepest capacities – and do so with a sense of a responsibility.  Because believe me, nobody likes being at the forefront of anything.” Ken Wilber


“You think small business is the backbone of this country?  Wait for micro small business.  You know who’s scared? Corporate america.” Gary Vaynerchuk


“Attitude and lifestyle diseases.  They are cultural diseases.” Tom Cambell


“How many people want your seat?  Do you know how many people want the trust you have?  And the leverage you have?  And the authority you have? The resources you have? The connections you have?  You don’t have a job.  You have a platform.” Seth Godin


“Because all your efforts in the direction of liberation are phony.  They are based on your desire to boost and continue your ego, and that will never lead to liberation.” Alan Watts


The 23 Day Experiment in Consciousness Exploration



8 Days Going into Isolation Tanks



11 Days of Silent Meditation in Isolation



3 Days in the Rocky Mountains Experimenting with LSD & Psilocybin (+1 Travel Day)

‘We spend all our time collecting dots, but none of our time connecting dots’ Seth Godin


Commerce sells products and services. School teaches you the culture of commerce.

Consumerist culture.

Competence culture.

Conformity culture.




When products and services were scare, experience and connection was rich.  And now that products and services are abundant trust and connection are scare.  If all the consumers of the world added up to 100 arbitrary points of trust and connection and the world has 10 brands, companies, channels, or places to connect – then on average each channel would have 10 points of trust and connection with the entire globe of consumers.  There are no longer 10 channels; there is an infinite number.  Every brand, email address, personality, business, blog, or bistro you connect with dilutes your availability for every other channel – the math is simple.  The new economy will be built around the quality of connection and experience your business delivers not the quality of your product or service (It’ simply assumed your product or service will be 100%…)

I graduated with a business degree in 2012.  I was taught that business was commerce.  That currency was used in exchange for products and services.

Currency, Products, and Services are no longer the variables of commerce in our economy.

Currency will flow to the businesses that deliver the best experiences and maintain the strongest connections and trust with their consumers.

We no longer sell products and services.  We sell experiences using products and services as a means of delivery.


And this – the death of the industrial economy – is the redistribution of wealth (and responsibility) from the few mega-corporations to many micro-business owners.  A faceless nameless corporation can no longer deceive, destroy and dissuade in the name of profit.  A national boycott is here.  Watch as the empowered individuals rise up to take control and shift the direction of our planets future.

The positive evolution of our collective consciousness is reflected by this shift in how we do business.


The insight I share with you in this post took over a year to assemble.


Please share,

Thank you.
Ferguson Ross

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9 thoughts on “What I learned: The Death of a Parent. 23 days of isolation, sensory deprivation & LSD. A Film about Reconciling the Pursuit of Profits with Spirituality

  1. Awesome video, so much food for thought in here which I think is the most important thing to take away. Thanks

  2. Hello! I’m really sorry about your mom Clay! Life is so short and weak! And this is the reason why we should do only what we want and that we love! Your job can be very time-consuming or very difficult (like mine) but you still can be happy. It’s true! In my opinion the most important is to feel satisfaction from what you’re doing.
    Send me a news sometimes!
    Best wishes from our lovely Cracow!

  3. Thanks for making this, but it didn’t explain anything for me! Hoping you can take some time to explore these ideas more in your own words, because to me they have more merit than a hash of others’ ideas. You’ve got a lot of good stuff to share.

    The footage from the Rockies was especially great.

    • Pretty much the gist of it – in both business and our personal lives – is we can optimize our behaviors (reduce un-intended negative consequences) by focusing on the simple – but often difficult things to do.

      By acting honestly, following through with your commitments, being compassionate with the people you deal with, and doing good work – you minimize potential damage and unintended consequences to items outside your awareness (such as effects on your reputation, how you’re received by other people, and more obvious things like getting reprimanded for being a cheater or cutting corners at your job etc.)

      Consistently acting through this paradigm relieves any guilty conscience, and it’s easy to have a lighthearted joyful way about you when you know everyone is one your side and is reflecting your attitudes right back to you. If you operate from a self interested paradigm that causes you to cross people, lie, deceive, emotionally blackmail people, gloat, feel envy, jeaolsy and greed – then you’re more susceptible to that rotten feeling in the pit of your stomach. That anxious, fearful feeling when you lay in bed with closed eyes trying to fall asleep – only to be kept up and prayed upon by your guilty conscience.

      And I don’t think anyone needs to go meditate in the mountains to figure this out. It’s mostly just common sense – but difficult to act out in our day to day lives.

      • “reduce un-intended negative consequences”

        So mostly damage control? Were feelings such as the rotton-pit-stomache very common in your life before you began meditation and you’re happy to be rid of them? Just curious why you frame it as “anti-negative” frame, over reaching for positivity. I could be understanding you wrong.

        I’m still working to balance self-interest with other-interest, because mostly I’ve found when I pursue self-interest ruthlessly I get more positive results (in terms of affection, good emotions, money, and friends/romantic partners) than when I am primarily other-focused.

    • Thank you for sharing all your efforts results.

      I just red your post and the gist of it reminded me of something i heard from David Deida just yesterday that struck me and totally relates to what you said in your comment.

      It goes like this:

      Separation from everything and everyone = Un-Love
      Oneness with everything and everyone = Love

      Hope this can help anyone out there as well.

  4. Thanks for sharing Clay, some powerful and intense messages there, and as always its a pleasure to read and watch your articles and videos!

  5. Okay man, we need to talk.

    That was fucking awesome. Well done my friend.

    I’ll be emailing you sometime soon.

    Thanks for making that.

    Thanks for being you.

    – Ari

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