Signal To Noise – Your Mind is a Distillery

A fortunate gift of evolving through several generations of thought (as opposed to one mainstream consciousness your whole life) is you don’t get attached to beliefs.  You recognize them for what they are, beliefs.  Assumed truisms.   Times when you feel shaken, as if you’ve lost all bearings, are good – this indicates the sands are shifting and a new (more accurate) concept of reality is emerging.

Your mind is a distillery of information.  In goes the content of your experience – whatever that may be – and out comes your concept of reality with all the subjective understandings you’ve come to believe.  Your day to day life is filled with signals and noise – useful and useless information.  Most of us cannot distinguish signals of valuable information from meaningless distraction.  The masses indulge a panoply of stimulus so disrupting and entertaining it drowns the signals and raises the noise.    The sage will consciously filter their environment to improve the signal to noise ratio of their minds exposure:

  • Noise – Mindless entertainment, distractions, useless information, etc
  • Signals – experience, knowledge, mentorship
  • We are addicted to noise
  • Knowledge is information we’ve acquired through our intellect
  • Knowledge is not understanding
  • Understanding is based on first hand experiences
  • Garbage in – garbage out.  The way you take in the world is the way you experience the world.
  • You have the ability to limit what you expose yourself too.  Do it.

When you’re ready to grow cut the bullshit from your life.  Focus on improving the quality of your daily experience (stop consuming and start producing).  Focus on your knowledge and where its sourced.  Read books, expose yourself to great minds.  Plug in to communities.  Find mentors.  Get coaching.


signal to noise


Your experimentation (actions and decisions you make from your current position of understanding) is the application of heat to your current belief system.  The more rigorously and systematically you experiment with the contents of your reality the more profound your realizations and the more accurate your understanding of the world.   The clearer your signal to noise ratio – the stricter your decision to choose what you surround and expose yourself too – will determine the speed and quality of your advancement.

Burn off the bullshit and leave behind the truth.  Incorrect and false information breaks down easily.  The truth is quite sturdy.  Separate the two.


When you accept the challenge to live consciously, you must also decide what are acceptable surroundings; acceptable inputs.  When you understand how you distill your experience you can tinker the process to control the outcome.  And why would we do this?  Because we don’t want to live scattered unfulfilled lives.  Because we don’t want to be dumbed down drones, easily and unconsciously influenced.  Because we want the experience clean and concise thought.  Because we want to live a satisfied life by our own standards and not someone else’s.

Prosperity, wisdom, truth, and accomplishment can all be had by tuning the dials.  Don’t live an existence of random noise.  Choose to cut it out of your life, and watch your mind evolve.

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2 thoughts on “Signal To Noise – Your Mind is a Distillery

  1. Great post Ferguson. I really enjoy the logical approach you take to self development. The graphs and info graphics are especially helpful.

  2. Great article ! I like the way you write, it’s really inspiring and provokes a lot of “Aha!” moments. Keep up the good work !

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