Motivation for Entrepreneurs: Hustle, Work Ethic, Productivity & More

Hustle is HUGE!

I posted this on my other hobby site ( where I lay it all out – it’s the dirty word and sometimes we all want to avoid it.  WORK!  I also go into some important paradigms to understand starting with:

The Sphere Of Comfortable Action: Take the time to clearly identify what lies within your sphere of comfortable action.  Explicitly lay out all the steps you need to engage in to succeed in your business.  Then prepare, practice and execute to make what was previously uncomfortable to comfortable – giving yourself the ability to focus on streamlining and growth.


The 3 P’s of Productivity: 

PREPARING – Organizing, making lists, and learning the things you need to succeed
PRODUCING – Time spent creating – not consuming!
PIMPING – Time spend promoting what you’ve produced.  Time spend directly engaged with your end user, clients or potential clients.


The Pyramid of Productivity: Understand the foundations of your focus and motivation.  Learn to master and control your environment and habits.




Hope you enjoy’d!


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