-16 Habits You Should Do Every Day-

This Manifesto is the result of a 700 day experiment I began in 2011.  An early version was copied onto reddit where it made the front page and ended up in the best of archives.  Since that time I’ve continued my experimentation and added over twenty pages of insights.  Not only that I put the writing into a beautiful easy-to-read .pdf document; and I’m giving it away for free.  Just check out some reader comments  – comments from the early version of this text:

“This is arguably the best article I have
ever read on the internet. Thank you so
much for this”
“Wow. This is the single best read I have
maybe done online in the last 5 years.”
“This is an incredible article. Very
“This post is incredible”
“Fucking incredible”


Those are testimonials so bold it would be outrageous to even consider faking them.  Hell, I’m not even trying to sell you anything!  All I ask is you sign up to my email list, that way I can let you know when I update my site (once a week) and you get the chance to contact me directly (I respond to every email)

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6 thoughts on “-16 Habits You Should Do Every Day-

  1. Loving the manifesto bud. Have definitely used some of this in practice already and trying to incorporate more. Keep on living the dream and hopefully we can catch up soon

  2. Hey man. I went to your old site to link your “16 Habits you should….” article to my site, and came across this new one. It looks great! Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Seth,

      I checked out your site as well and enjoyed reading some articles. Thanks for the link back, and all the best.


  3. I stumbled upon your 16 habits post about a year ago and started taking action immediately. The changes in my life were nothing short of incredible.

    The best thing about it, is it requires absolutely no theory just pure action.

    Thanks for the awesome post!

  4. Hey Clay,
    I read the article version of this Ebook some time ago, and it was a huge inspiration and motivation. Thanks a lot for your work.
    Of all the Habits, there is just one Question: There is this one part where you mention Brainbusters and Mensa Training and this kind of stuff. Have you any recommendations or resources for that stuff?
    Thanks …

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