Who Is Ferguson Ross?

Hi. My full name is Clayton Ross Ferguson – a Canadian expat, living in Indonesia.  I’m a left-brain, right-wing, stand-up, down-to-earth kinda guy and if you got to know me I’m sure we’d enjoy conversation over a nice cold beer.

Here’s a list of links to the best stuff I’ve published on this site.  I enjoy writing and everything on this site is free – although if you want a copy of my “16 habits you should do everyday” manifesto, I ask that you join my newsletter mailing list (You can unsubscribe right after you get the .pdf, but then you’d be missing out!  I only post updates infrequently but when I do I try to make them as high value as possible!)

Here’s links to my best stuff so far:

16 Habits You Should Do Every Day (.pdf manifesto)

What I learned after 800 days of tracking my habits (Have written but perfectionism is keeping me from posting it publicly yet… will do soon)

Life is…. ‘Reality is merely an illusion’ (article)

Story of my 500 day struggle + Why my degree is useless + my 30 day income report in a chart (article)


Finally I REALLY want to connect with readers.  So email me, tweet me or send me a message on facebook. If there’s anything you’d like to see me write about please ask!  If you see anything on this blog that is factually incorrect, broken, or not working properly please message me (I’ve even paypal’d people money for helping me improve with recommendations so don’t be shy!)

Here’s links to all my social media.  I’m trying to be on as many as possible so you can use your preferred method of staying in touch:

Facebook Page
Twitter Page

And here’s my personal email: clayton@fergusonross.com


This Website Has Three Objectives

1. To leave readers inspired. To help people find and renew a deep motivation for their lifes pursuits.

2. To expand the awareness of readers. To provide insight, vision and perspective by demonstrating alternate ways of thinking and being.

3. To provide a source of knowledge and entertainment for readers

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381164_10150465841147604_844283100_n2011′ Enjoying the sun in Spain

397689_10151335114769626_115203382_n2012′  Successful batch of home-made wine!

$T2eC16RHJGMFFpzt6r01BR7mopCIHw~~48_202013′ Touring the Canadian Rockies

2222014′ Living life in Indonesia


6 thoughts on “Who Is Ferguson Ross?

  1. Dude!

    You are awesome! Thank you for the 16 Habits You Should Do Every Day.
    Frankly I’ve wasted most of my 20’s (well not wasted but far from what I would have like it to be) and it’s been a couple of years that I’m working hard on myself to achieve the disciplines required for growth. I’m still failing at it but I think I’m getting there.
    Your manifesto was great roundup of what I’ve read and learned the matter. You can’t imagine how good I felt reading your manifesto! I think the right word would be ” It connected the dots in my brain “.

    Anyway; Thank you! If you ever visit Tehran, be sure that you have a place in my home. I hope we can meet someday.

    With warmest regards,

  2. Thanks very much for the book! Thought it was going to be full of shit but it turned out to be anything but. I know it’s not much but since I saw the PayPal donation button at the button, have a beer or two on me. Cheers dude.

  3. too bad you stopped writing, you could have have inspired many people.

  4. I just wanted to drop a message to let you know your 16 habits manifesto was gold. Never had that many aha moments in so few pages. That is the only critique I would give it right now. It was too good to not make this into a book.

  5. Thanks for the great value man! Your writing is truly inspiring, keep up the great work.

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